[Voted #1 Hydration Belt] Running Fuel Belt by Runtasty; Includes accessories - 2 BPA Free Water Bottles & Runners Ebook; Fits ANY iPhone; w/Touchscreen cover; "No Bounce" Fit; 100% Guarantee! 
[Voted #1 Hydration Belt] Running Fuel Belt by Runtasty; Includes accessories - 2 BPA Free Water Bottles & Runners Ebook; Fits ANY iPhone; w/Touchscreen cover; "No Bounce" Fit; 100% Guarantee! 
Price:  $31.95
Cutting edge 3-Way Hydration Running Belt, which comes with an innovative touch screen compatible cover and 2 BPA FREE Water Bottles, holding up to 20 oz to get you through a race or hiking trip. Equipped with a no-bounce technoloy, the hydration belt has two separate large pockets, is sweat-proof, fits any large smarthphone with a case like the iPhone 6/7/8 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S 6/7/8+ and offers high visibility during night time due to the multiple reflector patches!  
I have tried so many belts I can’t count them any more. This is the ONLY one that stayed in place. No sliding around my waist or riding up from the original position. It felt heavy when I picked it up (after filling water,etc) but was not heavy at all when I put it on.The front divided pocket held 7plus phone no problem as well as a portable charger, additional fuel packs, wipes, and a few other smaller items.I had a little bit of a problem getting the gel packets in but I think in time this will get easier. I want it to be a snug fit so they don’t drop out. Easy to get packets out while running.. 
I purchased this because I wanted a hydration belt big enough to not only carry my phone (Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge +) but to also carry my keys as well. I've always had to wear 2 belts, one for my phone and keys and then another for my hydration, inhaler, and energy gels.This has plenty of room in the storage pockets with room left over. My phone fits snugly but not too snug. I do have to remove my slim phone case in order for my phone to fit, but that's not a deal breaker for me. There is a small hole where you can thread your headphones through. I found the hole to be too small, I was worried that it would damage my earphones so I used a pair of scissors to make a tiny cut to widen the hole and I haven't had any issues.The belt is adjustable to fit a variety of body sizes. I wear mine low on my hips and because I have a lot of "fluff" around my midsection, I keep my belt a little loose. Even with the belt being loose, it does not ride up, does not jiggle, and I still have room if I wanted to adjust the belt to be even looser.The 2 water bottles are leak proof, which is important as I do not want any sticky Gatorade dripping from my bottles onto my clothes. I have 2 add on bottles (purchased separately from another company) that I sometimes add to this belt. The belt is still comfortable with 4 bottles attached.The storage is great. I have my phone in the phone compartment, which is separate from the other comparttments. I put my ID, cash or credit card in the smaller compartment. In the larger compartment I carry my car keys, asthma inhaler, tissue, and pepper spray. I even have room to add energy gel in there as well.This belt is exactly what I was looking for. If you want a belt that stays put and if you have a lot of "stuff" to carry on your runs, I would highly suggest purchasing this one. 
I am really happy with this belt. I have no issues with it bouncing and I love that I can put my phone right in the outside and have some space to stuff gels etc. I did have to do some experimenting to get it to sit right so that it didn't bounce, but once I got it right, it fit perfectly. It's easy to wear and I had great luck with it during long runs and a half marathon. 
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