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Latest Innovation: Runtasty Hydrochest: Reflective Chest Pack Vest with Phone Holder and 12 oz. Water Bottle - only on Amazon!

Runtasty Hydrotouch - Chest Pack Reflective Vest with Hydration and Phone Holder - Night Gear

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"My brother is the hardest person to buy presents for. He competes in the Iron Man races and I was trying to find something he could use that he didn’t have (because he has everything) I purchased this running belt for him that is waterproof and he LOVED it and was thrilled to receive. As an avid marathon runner he said this was absolutely awesome."
"This running belt has all the options I need and can fit a variety of body types. I've loaned it to friends and they want to buy their own now. The dual water bottles this belt comes with has ample water capacity for running in the east coast. I have family that lives in the desert of Las Vegas and they take much more water on runs, hikes and biking trips but it is necessary out there. "
"I love this Whistle! I ordered this for so many different reason but I use mine the most for dog training. I have a toy poodle that loves to bark when someone knocks at the door and let me tell you she has a very loud bark. I have tried many things to get her to stop barking but nothing worked. I got the idea to try the whistle a few days ago when she was in bark mode and when I blew it she stopped immediately and sit down."
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